competes With The Celebrities – Who Has the Clue?

A new social phenomenon is taking shape and it is allowing fashion designers and fashion labels to compete with the celebrities themselves. It is called the fashion crowd and what makes it so unique is that it is progressively developing into a crowd, not a set of people.

The crowds for fashion are composed of regular people who are drawn to whatever the current trend is at the moment. They are quite unaware of the homework they have to do orither. As the saying goes aggressiveness is a part of fashion and it has emerged in the form of a crowd. There is no way that you as a designer can compete with anybody in this race, but you can use the crowd to your advantage. The more unique your designs are the more people will like them and the higher will be their bidding, buying them at the right price but at a special price. This will give you a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the crowd. If your products or designs are good and unique people will visit your shop and buy them,without fail many times, it is because they want to buy something unique and they trust you.

Here are some of the normal crowd who will want something from you

1. Poor fitting jeans -When it is a tight fit jeans they say they are too tight. When people see people wearing jeans they automatically assume they will be uncomfortable. When they wear them anyway though they find it comfortable because it is one of their favorite wears. So putting a little bit of thought into what and how you design your jeans gives your customers the comfort they deserve.

2. Bell bottom jeans-It was popular in the seventies and eighties, now it is back. Bell bottoms are popular because they are a more unique look. They are much more flattering than above the butt and on the hips. The mix over black pants and denim jacket looks fabulous if you do it right.

3. Scrunch bikinis -Sexy but bikini season is fast approaching, so scrunch bikinis are back in fashion. They are really just push up bikinis, they do not offer too much coverage. The look is super hot and the variety of colors work well with the warmer weather. If you take enough time and effort you will be able to find a bikini that fits the shape of your body just right. If not try searching for them in the plus size section or search on the internet for a swimsuit website and see if anyone has tried it before.

4. Low rise pants- When it comes to fashion pants the rise varies. For the super skinny slim you get the thinnest, and it is at the bottom. On the other end of the spectrum they are called boot cut and they are low at the top. From an average of 2 to 3 inches you will be able to tell which pants will flatter you best. If not try looking for an older style that will be coming back on the scene.

5. Beautiful but oversized summer dresses- They will flow and have volume at the top so they are cute and youthful. The material can be fancy such as chiffon or corset style and they will have bright floral patterns. You may be able to find them with a pattern that will set off the color and make a pattern. That will give you this pop of color and it will be very memorable.

6. Celebrity slouch boots- These boots are a favorite, again with material and color you can choose something that will appeal to you. They can be flat for an everyday look or they can have heels for a more trendy look.

7. Fur trapper hats- These caps are an old style that are coming back for the winter. I think they will give a more unique twist to the more sophisticated styles.

8. Loose suit jackets with matching pants- How about matching the jacket to the pants? Again this is a fashionable trend that is saved for the more adventurous of designers and buyers. Pairing a jacket with relaxed pants.