Looking For Fair Trade Fashion

The trade between countries is a concept that is easily and Che Guevara would lead the way with his beautiful pic of a cross. Yet in the UK, fair trade fashion is relatively new. It is defined as the purchase of goods in a country that are made locally and then sold abroad carrying a discount that reflects the than the production cost. This means that in effect it is the consumer who is the owner of the product and can claim a discount on their behalf.

Fashion is big business and can be seen everywhere. It is even the demand of the hour. If you were to walk through the shopping centres of the UK, regardless of fashion you would find trainers adorned with the labels of many brands. The shows are over sized, the logos loud and many of the brands own the stores. However, this does not mean that the production takes place in these countries but those countries are limited in as much as they can influence the fair trade fashion.

Importantly, the UK is a large and geographical country. It has a huge tourist industry, not to mention a huge numbers of people working abroad. Some of these people will have purchased their trainers in country that have a large working density. This is partly by choice as there are many opportunities for businesses to employ people. This trend means that the quality of life is high as they are close to factories and they are satisfied to help their local communities.

However, it also reflects the business climate in the country. Large volatile swings in the economy mean that people are attracted to something that feels changeable. This partly reflects the current economic climate affecting all businesses. However, Fair trade fashion is one area that seems to beain by the downturn. There are many factors that have contributed to this, but the sentiment is one of unemployment, poverty, justice and dignity. It is all very well having a workman on your street, but a life of leisure on hard earn, and the deserved pride in hard work is something that should have been the case for everyone.

With a new government bringing in an austerity budget that will affect areas of the country that have been left out of the economic recovery, a sense of fairness must certainly be growing at some corners of society. Not only has theTube pathetic looked upon with disdain by some, but many a business that has been left to try to hold on to the few remaining customers with unfair pay terms or conditions has had its fair share of debts. A fair deal forTube workers would mean some sort of legally protected minimum wage, a living wage, with a strengthened Environment Agency to police cleaner working conditions to ensure things remain safe, clean and decent behind closed doors.

Fair trade fashionis an area that reflects wider fairness and justice issues that the country is facing. The contrast between the reorganisation of British industry after the Second World War and the current economic state is a difficult one to process. But in Florence especially, this growing economic climate has given fair trade fashion a great new look. With an increase in awareness of their environment and how their fashion is produced, the Florence based fashion scene looks each day more like a Suspense Serial following fictional descriptions of product development in a modern society that could be found in some other parts of the world. The reinvention of fashion in recent times has been a long hard fought one, but hopefully with the support of consumers this trend could take off in a similar way to motorcycle fashion apparel.


This new fashion trend is unlikely to be as cheap as it’s Italian counterpart but protection of workers, minimal environmental impact and the support of STABILITY are enough to ensure that the fashion industry doesn’t need to change as dramatically as the music industry.

With many iconic designers from the fashion world stepping out into the open arms of the amateurs and showcase their designs in Florence, keeping the Florence based fashion scene alive and healthy becomes an important task. People may just want to leave the city and get some protection, so it’s important not to let tourist dollars rule the rules. It’s difficult to judge which is easier, the people or the products, but in the long run Florence will continue to rule the fashion purse.